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I feel emotions well

Inside my heart

Pulsating in rhythm

Straining for expression

I reach for pen & paper

And I am set free

On a blank page

– Collette O’Mahony –

about 1

Rachelle can usually be found writing or reading a book and that book will more likely than not be a memoir, or a book of a famous author. She has always enjoyed writing and prefers writing with pencil and paper verses a computer. She says it’s something about the feeling she gets when the pencil meets the paper. Her love for writing began while doodling, what some would consider scribbling. She considers it as part of her creative process. As early as fourth grade she fell in love with poetry. Her poems became stories and then plays.

Writing a novel was not on her bucket list. Rachelle dreamed of becoming a screenwriter. It became a dream deferred. 

After the loss of her son, she wrote her first novel, My Whisper From God (2013). After that she wrote Beauty’s Beast (2014), the love story and cancer journey of her mother, followed by You Are Beautiful! (2016) her story of her high school sweetheart, who she later married and divorced in the same year after an encounter of domestic violence.

Rachelle is the Founder of How Come, How Long, (HCHL) an organization established to increase domestic violence awareness and to provide healthy relationship skills through workshops, seminars and counselling. Rachelle is a former victim’s advocate for the Violent Crime Division of Jackson County in Kansas City, Missouri. January 10, 2004, HCHL held the first workshop, with the support of Jim Nunnelly, a consultant, and Joan Biblo, Prime Health Foundation and landed in a local paper.

Rachelle is blessed to be included in two anthologies: Cancer Was Our Blessing, Lonnie Bush and EMPOWERED: The African American Women’s Guide. She wrote the foreword for You Call Yourself A Man by Kelvin Owens. When not absorbed in stories of her real-life experiences, Rachelle loves listening to live music, cooking, bowling and enjoys most sports. She has been featured in the Kansas City Call Newspaper, an African American weekly newspaper in her hometown, Kansas City, Missouri. She has been featured in several magazines: Voyage KC, Voyage Houston Magazine, and the Scars of Survival Magazine. She is the writer and creator of her lifestyle blog: My Little Corner.



Thank you for visiting my website and for your support!!! Don’t give up on your dreams and remember to take one step at a time, not the whole staircase.

Carpe diem!

Rachelle Law

There isn’t any secret. You can sit down and start and that’s it

– Elmore Leonard –

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