You Are Beautiful!

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He was her high school sweetheart—the charming, popular father of her three children. But despite the red flags, despite his history of cheating, Rachelle had no idea the destruction that marrying this man would bring.

In trying to ensure a better future for her children, Rachelle had somehow invited an abuser into her home, an experience that would leave her with lasting physical and emotional scars. Little did she know that her abusive story was one of many within her family’s history, a secret cycle that no one had yet dared to break.

Now, twenty-eight years later, Rachelle has suffered through the pain and aftermath of her abusive marriage and emerged a survivor. After vowing to create something positive out of her experience, she began advocating for others enduring domestic assault—creating workshops and raising awareness of the horrors that abusive relationships can bring.

In You Are Beautiful, Rachelle brings her powerful message of hope to the page by sharing her personal story—along with the assurance that we are all good enough, we are all beautiful enough, in God’s eyes.