Today is now!

By Rachelle Law

Today is the day you couldn’t wait to see yesterday, and now that today has arrived, you miss it because you won’t stop thinking about tomorrow.

Today all your plans have changed because of something that happened yesterday. So, you look for tomorrow, a day that you do not control, a day not promised.

Today you missed the sunrise, the beauty of its splendor, the orange, pink, and yellow tint streaming through the cracks in the window blinds because you are lying in bed reflecting on yesterday’s mistakes, telling yourself you will soak up the sunrise tomorrow.

Today you hop out of bed before whispering a prayer of thanksgiving, only to find out a good friend passed away yesterday, and you find yourself preparing for a funeral tomorrow.

Today you jump in the shower, the only place where you find tranquility, and begin to cry over the broken promises of yesterday’s residue, while bathing, you manage to carry more into your demanding tomorrow.

Today the temperature is not what the weatherman predicted yesterday, and you spend the day complaining about the weather, hoping the weather will be nicer tomorrow, all the while taking for granted the weather you were given today.

Today your palate craves something new and different. You are left unsatisfied with the choices stocked in your pantry after roaming the grocery aisles yesterday, spending a ludicrous amount of money on food contrary to the meal plan you promised to start tomorrow.

Today you rush into traffic before noticing your gauge is sitting on empty because you failed to fill up yesterday as you passed one service station after another procrastinating to fill up your gas tank tomorrow. Now stuck in rush hour traffic, regretting yesterday’s decision, and asking for tomorrow’s grace. 

Today before dropping off your children at school you find yourself fussing about something they did yesterday that no longer matters and missing the opportunity to cherish your time together to make deposits of love into their hearts that will encourage them tomorrow.

Today you rush into the office, complaining about the same things and the same people you complained about yesterday, and making no change, you declare somehow it will be different tomorrow.

Today you continue to take the same calls from the same people who irritated you yesterday, and by some means, you believe the conversation will yield a better outcome tomorrow.

Today you rejected the prospect of meeting the love of your life by comparing them to yesterday’s love and are unable to see that tomorrow could be brighter.

Today you read the news of what happened yesterday and with a closed mindset, you’ve written the same headline for tomorrow.

Today you postpone going to the gym after receiving news from your doctor that you are borderline diabetic. You choose to take a raincheck and swear you will get on track tomorrow.

Today you called in, not feeling well. You put off things until later in the day and decide to watch a new show you missed yesterday and anticipate seeing the next episode tomorrow only to find out the network will show a rerun.

Today begins one minute past midnight. Today is now. Twenty-four hours are freely given. Don’t spend time on yesterday and tomorrow. Make time for what really matters today! Your day will be blessed.

(L to R) Rachelle Law, Ashley Smith, Michele Smith

Rachelle Law

Founder, How Come, How Long (HCHL)

Writer, Author, Blogger

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