The Power of Music!

Rachelle Law, Founder,
How Come, How Long (HCHL)
Writer, Blogger, Author

Music can take you to a memory as soon as you hear the first beat dropped.

Music is called a lot of things, the universal language, a great healer, and a mood motivator. It all boils down to a form of entertainment that puts sounds together in a way that people like.

Music is all around us. It is the intersection of our lives, regulating our moods and bringing good vibes to those who are listening. The sound of music impacts our bodies in a way no other art does. The reason music is so powerful is the sound penetrates our bodies.

Music evokes powerful responses. It brings excitement, amusement, joy, relaxation, sadness, triumph, the feeling of being pumped up, or it can calm you down. It allows us to feel the emotions that we experience in our lives.

Music relaxes you, sets the mood, provides comfort, makes memories, and can get you out of a funk.

Have you ever been in a sad mood and then put on a sad song? Listening to music that matches your mood can help you understand and connect with the lyrics on a deeper level which can provide you a feeling of release and catharsis.

Come to think of it, music is the soundtrack to your life.

Our lives are movies with background music. Background music is always present, in your office, restaurants, stores, doctor offices, and airports. Music has a way of calming a personal discussion that could otherwise be stressful about a serious topic.  When you get on the elevator, when you are placed on hold and in virtual spaces music can take your mind off the wait. Music is the background just about anywhere you go.

Through the years, I have enjoyed live music of various genres, and while listening to the music, there is nothing better than to be in a crowd where people are having a good time. Singing along and making a dance floor out of a space between two tables.

You can’t take a trip without music. Whether your car ride is long or short, or you find yourself in a traffic jam. You need the perfect playlist filled with songs that you can sing along and dance to as you roll down your windows and yell at the oncoming traffic or raise your windows up and have passerby’s staring in wonder.

When you are driving, and the right song comes on, it changes everything. From an old school jam to the newest hit on the radio. It will get you in the mood no matter what is going on in your life. The right playlist makes all the difference in the world. 

Music elevates your mood. When you need energy, upbeat music can give you the lift you need. Like when exercising, sometimes you want to stop, but if you have the right music on, you can exercise like a maniac. That’s the power of music elevating you to the next level.

Music in the morning is the way to get your day off on the right beat. When my children were small, on Sunday mornings, I would wake them up with gospel music blaring, and before long, they would be up singing along and ready for church. That mood would continue the drive to church.

The right song can set a wedding off. I remember when my nephew married the love of his life. We never partied so hard. Everyone was dancing and wanting to be a part of the celebration. Music does that. It takes over.

The same thing goes for a party, any celebration. You may not be the one in control of the playlist. And if not, you better have a great DJ. A DJ’s job is important. And it’s important your DJ understands his role. A packed crowd for a DJ can feel like a powerful moment. He must do more than stand behind the stack of albums (showing my age). And the DJ’s responsibility is to set the atmosphere. He/she is responsible for creating an environment that makes people want to move, socialize, and not want to go home when the party is over.

The DJ is the special piece of the music puzzle. He/she is the secret sauce, at any gathering. A good DJ can turn an empty dancefloor into a real party for the rest of the night. He knows what tools, songs to use to get the party started.  He knows how to create a vibe, but a bad DJ can fizzle out if the wrong music is played.

Music has a way of taking people out of themselves for a little while. And we all can use a song today to set it off.

What are you waiting for? Drop that beat and elevate your mood. Today is a memory to your new soundtrack.

By Rachelle Law

Founder, How Come, How Long

Writer, Author, Blogger

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