Punctuation and Grammar 101


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Punctuation and Grammar 101 is divided into two subjects which focus on grammar and punctuation topics. At the end of each lesson will be a brief quiz and/or assignment based on the lesson material.

Introduction to Grammar -Lessons 1-7

• Lesson 1  Rate Your Grammar Skills; Reasons for Taking this Course

• Subject and Predicate – This lesson defines what a subject and predicate is and when to use singular or plural verbs.

• Lesson 2   Identifying the Subject and Predicate Exercise

• Lesson 3  Subject and Predicate Agreement

•  Lesson 4 Subject Verb Agreement

• Lesson 5  Nouns and Pronouns – This lesson defines nouns and the different forms of pronouns. Additional lesson topics: Pronoun Central; Pronoun Exercises

• Lesson 6 Pronoun Use- Using the Correct Pronoun

• Lesson 7  Pronoun Substitution

•: Lesson 8 Exercise: Find the Subject Noun

• Lesson 9  Verb Tenses – This lesson discusses the three main tenses of verbs and their subcategories and  Verb Tense Exercises

•: Lesson 10  Find the Verb

• Lesson 11 Simple Present Verb Tenses

• Lesson 12 Common Irregular Verbs –  irregular verbs and their tenses- Irregular Verbs

• Lesson 13 – Adjectives, Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs – This lesson defines what adjectives and adverbs are and the different degrees of each.
• Lesson 14 Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases – This lesson gives examples of how prepositions are used-Identify the Preposition

• Lesson 15 Periods and Other End Stops –  (period, question mark, exclamation point) to put on a sentence and how and when to use periods in abbreviations. •

• Lesson 16 Commas – This lesson explains how and when to use commas and when to put them in clauses and phrases.

• Lesson 17 Apostrophes-This lesson explains the proper use of apostrophes

• Lesson 18 – Colons and Semicolons-This lesson describes how to properly use colons and semicolons in a sentence.

• : Lesson 19 – Hyphens – This lesson describes the proper use of hyphens in words.

• Lesson 20 – Quotation Marks – This lesson describes the correct usage of quotation marks for dialogue, quotations, and titles.


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