Living my best life

A man, who works six days a week, a husband, and a father leave the Assembly plant, making preparation for the extended weekend, buys a little food and some beer then heads home, and relaxes with his stomach full of barbecue and beer reclining in his favorite easy chair, proclaims to his wife, “I am living my best Life.”

A teenager, who is raised by a single mom, who works two jobs herself, finds himself bored with school finds a part-time job and soon his goal is to purchase a fancy car with fancy tires, desiring to have money in his pocket and sees the fast life and declares to his friends, “I am living my best life.”

A young woman, who grows up without her father, views life from the outside in, who compromises her principles, her body living in the world of loose money and fast-talking men, flashes her jewelry and designer clothes in front of her girlfriends’ eyes, and declares, “This is my best life.”

The middle-class couple, who moves into a large home in the suburbs, a lavish home and spend their time chasing cheap thrills and momentary highs, from infidelity to drugs, proclaim while having drinks on their date night, “This is our best life!”

If you were to sign in to your social media page, it wouldn’t take much scrolling before you witness someone living their best life.

While it’s easy to see the Instagram captions and the Facebook posts of people declaring they’re living their best lives. It all comes down to the lens you are looking through. Living your best life feels the need to compare, “best” is subjective. It’s more helpful to look at living your best life as an ongoing process — not something that has a finite end point. There’s always room to grow and more to learn about ourselves, and this self awareness and growth allows us to continuously become more fulfilled versions of ourselves.

I respectfully wonder if “this is my best life” of which the Creator spoke. Can life be lived-really lived-apart from helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, and some great purpose, that strengthens the soul and glorifies the Creator? Is a person really living when he or she has no purpose in life other than eating drinking, wearing the latest fashions, and being seen with the “right” people?

Many of us have visions, of our best lives, as a better tomorrow, a future where we will exercise more, or find a career that we love, make more money, have more free time and so forth. You have hopes and dreams, and you are just about ready to create the life you want.

It is never too late to start living your best life. We have been given a fresh 24.

A wise man said, we live in deeds, not years, in thoughts, not breaths. In feelings, not in figures on a dial. Character cannot be purchased, bargained for, or inherited. It must be homegrown.

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