Everything Must Change

Nothing and no one goes unchanged.

There has been a lot of change over the past few years. Change in government leaders, climate, religious conflict, scientific conflict, technological advancement. And today, I found myself thinking about an old song by George Benson.

Everything must change,

nothing stays the same

The young become the old,

Mysteries do unfold.

‘Cause that’s the way of time,

nothing and no one goes unchanged.

Nothing and no one goes unchanged.

I completely agree with the young becoming the old. Lord willing, I will celebrate 62 years in January of being on this earth. I have grown from being a girl to a woman, yet that doesn’t change that I am still a female. So, the part that nothing and no one goes unchanged. I tend to disagree.

Everybody wants to change stuff, and nobody wants to question what we are changing from. We stand back and allow things to change that we know are not beneficial.  

There was an election on Tuesday, August 3. Did you vote? Chances are no because we wait until the presidential election is at stake before we get involved, and then we want to change things.

We are always remembered for what we stand for, not for what we fail for.

Why is change necessary?

Change usually comes about to make things better. However, not all change is improvement, advancement or progressive development.

Change usually happens when someone or a group of people want to move away from the norm. To deviate from the current state and violate the rules established.

Change is impossible without an original reference. Whatever you desire to change there must already be something in place, to change.

As people, we have been given the will to do whatever we want to do. We can change our hair, our nails, our bodies and whatever happens we must accept the consequences.

And because we can change something, should we? We must be careful of the things we change. Remember, change should be for improvement. How many times have you changed something, and it made things worse? However, If we decide we are going to change something, we need to be sure we’re not changing the original law.

I love the beach, but if I decide to build a beach in my backyard. I am messing with the original state of my backyard.  Chances are there will be problems because I went against the original law, and it certainly won’t be for the betterment.

Often, I change the furniture around in my living room. If I decide to change the dynamics of the room by moving a wall, I begin to mess with the foundation, and this is a violation of an original law; the building code. My home will no longer be on a firm foundation if I decided to start knocking out a wall without returning to the blueprint; the original law. And eventually, my home will come tumbling down.

Yes, we have free will to do whatever we like, but is it an improvement for better.

You cannot stop or avoid change. Change is the most uncontrollable powerful force on earth, and the most predictable reality on earth.

You are either a victim of change or an agent of change. If you are the agent of change, you initiate the change you desire. If we are not pro-active, we are re-active.

When I am at work, and my computer goes crazy and begins to buffer and not respond to my input, I must reboot; I must start again. Sometimes you don’t need to change things, you need to begin again, reconcile, restart.

Some things were created to remain the same. The earth, rivers, nature, trees. As you remember from your high school science class, trees use energy from the sun to create sugars through a process called photosynthesis, without these sugars as an energy source a tree cannot grow or ultimately survive. 

Now enters the superhero part. As a by-product of that chemical reaction, oxygen is produced and released by the tree. Even if your knowledge of trees is limited, chances are you know two primary things they need to survive: Water and sunlight.  One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people. The same oxygen that is needed by someone struck with COVID-19, a basic need that must be met.

God created everything to experience natural change. We begin to have confusion when we go against natural change.

God created everything, and the fullness there of and if anything goes wrong we need to go to the Creator, the original source, the original law. Everything was created before we got here so, understand that scientist don’t create it. They discover it.

Deuteronomy 28:28 states that if you walk away from any laws the Lord will afflict you with madness, blindness and confusion of mind. you will be unsuccessful in everything you do.

Our communities are mad; the crime rate is at an all-time high, we are blind and can’t see how changes are taking place in our communities, and we are confused and don’t know up from down.

I get it we want to grow the community, grow the economy. Everything does not have to change to experience growth.

So are our government leaders and the climate better. Are we without religious conflict, scientific conflict? How is our technological advancement?

Never confuse change with growth.

My Little Corner, Rachelle Law

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