I am pleased and honored to lend my endorsement of this book, “My Whisperer From God” by Rachelle Law.  Reading this book will give encouragement to those who have lost a child(ren) and will strengthen your heart by showing that even through death, God will give you the strength to remain hopeful.  This book is a testimony of how Rachelle was able to weather through storms of life as a single mother and raise a great man of God.  This book is such an encouragement and a great testimony of strength through triumphs.  I commend Rachelle for allowing the Lord Jesus Christ to inspire her in the production and writing of this book.

Pastor Cheryl Roseburr Cheadle

Fabulous book…I encourage everyone to read it.

D Davis

Rachelle has become a very dear friend. I met her at church several years ago and learned that she was an author so I purchased her book, “My Whisper From God.” As I began reading, I could not put the book down. Her book was indeed “a heartfelt testimony of hope, strength and triumphs.” Her ability to share her story with such grace and transparency gave me insight into the phenomenal Proverbs 31 woman that she represents. Her faith, perseverance, and love of God is clearly evident when you meet her. “My Whisper From God” is a must read. It’s confirmation that with God, we can survive any storm and gain strength through the process.

Jewell Batson