About Last NIght…

Have you ever met someone and immediately clicked? Maybe it happened at an office party or a casual acquaintance at a sporting event. If you’re lucky, it happened to you during a business meeting or within minutes of meeting your college roommate.

It can happen whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, whether the topic is politics or current events. But the experience of clicking is unforgettable.

Interpersonal synchronization is what you call it. People click in an instant. That’s when comments trigger simultaneously. Those present faces reflect the feelings and thoughts inside your brain. Our body language matched, what caught one of our attention caught the others, and it was a night to remember. Everything Deonte said resonated with me. All of our speech rhythms matched. The conversation was flowing like running water in grandma’s kitchen. Never a pause of awkward silence and unruffled by a single moment of annoyance.

This happened last night when I had the pleasure of sharing the platform with Myneesha King, Imani Lewis, Sheryl-Smiley-Oliphant, and Deonte Bolden.

All the guest were nothing short of amazing.

Myneesha King made it all happen. It was her podcast that set things in motion. We were all blessed to be guest on her podcast. She is the author of “Angels Do not Wear Wings…They Wear Jackets.” Also, the Director of Marketing & Promotions at The Kings’ Press, LLC.

We were all prepared, had good conversations, and laughed. Myneesha was an excellent host, asking all the right questions. A steady boost of accolades and encouragement poured into the chat box, keeping the energy level high.

Imani Lewis, author of “On A Cloudy Day,” is an amazing author, and I look forward to reading her next book. On A Cloudy Day will forever be near to her heart because it was her first book and the book that told her she could do this. Tokyo was supposed to be Imani’s fresh start. The first chapter to the new book of her life. She never expected that would all change in one night

On A Cloudy Day

When in Tokyo

Sheryl-Smiley-Oliphant, author and theatre arts teacher. Sheryl Smiley-Oliphant lit up the Zoom room, she is an artist at heart and an author. She began her career by immersing children in the arts. Sometimes she involves the little ones in dramatic plays, and at other times she engages them in the delights of reading. The author of My Daddy Doesn’t Need a Cape is Sheryl’s first book, inspired by the birth of her first child. This book would make a great gift for Father’s day.

There is no doubt that Sheryl loves what she does. Check her out for yourself. Activity Author is her YouTube channel.

My Daddy Doesn’t Need a Cape
New Baby Coming

Deonte Bolden, CEO/Founder at Deonte’ Bolden Productions, Award-Winning Author, Actor, Writer, and Director. Deonte was born in Washington DC, raised in Virginia, where he found his passion for acting. Deonte’ decided to take drama in school after placing first in talent shows. Deonte moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in acting. He now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Deonte is promoting his new book on how he used his pain to push him towards his purpose. You can see Deonte on the Virtual talk show “I Am Enough” Virtual Book Fair on June 11, 2021.

Differently Abled
Purpose Pains

Good people! They spoke my language, the art of communication; verbal, nonverbal, written, and visual. We actively listened, observed, and empathized. Each question gave us time to evaluate ourselves.

I’ve loved the theatre for most of my life. I was the lead in my first play in the 4th grade, and I was hooked. Ever since, whether I’ve been up on stage or sitting in the audience, I’ve felt like going to the theatre is a magical experience.

When you’ve been part of a great conversation, you walk away as a different person than when you walked in. I’ve been challenged. I am thinking about things in a new way.

The night full of so many “aha” moments. The moment in particular that stood out to me was when I begin sharing my story as a pre-teen.

I remember coming home after school spending countless hours writing stories, sometimes they really happened, and sometimes they were fictional. After a while, I would find myself reading the stories aloud in different voices.

It wasn’t long after that I begin to act them out. I would read each character’s part in different voices. Then, I would change my clothing to represent the character. Until that wasn’t enough, and I decided to put on productions, like Broadway, except a neighbor’s backyard was my Broadway. This lead to auditions with kids on my block.

All I needed was somewhere to showcase my plays. My backyard was not completely fenced in. So, I did what innovators do, make things happen. My suggestion to the kids on my block, “ask your parents?” In no time at all, we had a little theater under the stars. The Yancy’s (Mickey, Linka, and Hattie) parents made it possible. A privacy fence in 1973 was a big deal. Their yard was big enough for a stage, dressing room, and lawn chair seating. The Yancy’s yard transformed into a small theater under the stars. My screenplays were now backyard productions. I created tickets, costumes, and fliers. I never felt so confident.

Being amongst the authors and authors last night and listening to Deonte awakened a sleeping dream. A dream that will manifest. I am seeking God on what He wants me to do in the future, and He is more concerned with what I am doing with my today. The dots are connecting as I connect with the right people. And last night was a BIG piece of the puzzle of my dream.

I heard somewhere if you want to know what the end looks like, look at the beginning.

As I grew from pre-teen to adulthood, I look back and can account for a plethora of plays I’ve written and portrayed and made a strong impact. One in particular, “Ms. Maggie.” There is no doubt what my next steps are.

I was there to rounds off the platform and to share my books and the future I never envisioned, domestic violence, the loss of my only son and the journey of my mother’s battle with the Beast, aka Cancer. I have always had the determination and tenacity to succeed. Stay connected!

My Whisper from God
Beauty’s Beast
You Are Beautiful!

We found ourselves in an echo chamber, clicking on every cylinder. There is no secret to why we clicked, what made our conversations so magnetic wasn’t just who we were talking to but what we were talking about.

Many of our best conversations, whether with a new acquaintance or an old friend, are about the world around us rather than ourselves. These are the conversations that bring us closer to each other.

I hope that our conversations evolve into something more. The synergy is palpable.

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